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Princess Sam Group
Adapted from the numerous intellectual properties developed by Sophie Audouin-Mamikonian, our group is creating animated series, video games, metaverse (ImpactCapitalMetaverse©) and live action series or films, and licensing our own merchandising from all these digital and video productions.
We raise funds and finances for our subsidiarie's projects development
We own exploitation rights of the founder SAM’s Intellectuals Properties
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The team leaders

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Sophie Audouin-Mamikonian
CEO & Founder
Reputed French author of fantasy books for young adults, including the worldwide famous Tara Duncan series
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Sébastien Branche
COO & Formerly @Credit Suisse and Evercom Studios
Worked for over 10 years in wealth management in Europe’s largest banks and 6 years as director of Evercom Studios
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Najib Fayad
Executive Vice President PSCP & PSEG
+30 years experience in licensed product market
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Élodie Friess
Community Manager and CMO
Head of marketing with 5 years experience as sociologist
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OUR subsidiaries

Video games, ImpactCapitalMetaverse©, animated series, live action series, live action film
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Toy production, merchandising, licensing

Coming soon

Princess Sam Real Estate

Studio real estate company
Land acquisition and studio construction to accommodate our engineers graphic designers and metaverse/video game designers teams.
Near to the Ocean to adapt the Natick project to our computers.

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Tel Landline: +33 (0) 4 78 54 38 20